XRHands mesh issues

My understanding is that this is correct. The rotation space for the hand joints is different from what the XR Hand package normally returns and I had to update my hand tracking code to support it. @DanMillerU3D briefly discusses this in his Unity visionOS Beta Program video starting about 5:42. This might be fixed up in the future as mentioned by Dan Miller in this thread: XRHands Package - AVP ARKit Hand Tracking Data Fixup - #3 by OwlchemyDawson

That seems like the best for me and is what I do in my hand tracking system.

At a recent Apple Developer Lab we asked the same question about the hands and were told by an Apple engineer that it is not possible to render over top of the upper limbs due to the way the compositor works – composites passthrough image followed by the application’s image, and finally the upper limb cutout (all at the compositor level outside of Unity purview). However, we also learned that you can turn off the default functionality for showing the upper limbs by tweaking the UnityMain.swift in the generated Xcode project. I made a post here with the details and requested a setting in the Unity Editor to control this.