Y axis same as Z axis

I’m simply trying to animate a plane in the Y axis, so that an image on it would appear to be moving from side to side around a pivot point. (For instance, an arm waving).
When I try to rotate in Y, it appears to be working but when I play back the animation it rotates in all directions. I tried animating the keys in the animation window just in Y, but it rotates in Z. However, the Z axis rotates how I would expect it to (in Z).
To solve this problem I had to parent the plane under a Cube, and then animate the Cube instead, and it appears to work just fine.

However, now I am trying to use interactive scripts and they won’t work unless the animation is on the plane (since the cubes are hidden).

So I’m just trying to find a simple fix for rotating a plane in Y, if it exists.

Make sure you’re rotating your eulerAngles- if you’re rotating a quaternion’s Y, it’s not the same thing at all.

I’d wager you’re doing something like this right now:

transform.rotation.y = newRotation;

And you need to be doing this:

transform.eulerAngles.y = newRotation.

read more about quaternions and euler here:


Unity stores rotations as quaternions to avoid gimbal lock issues: