Ye ole' rigidbody parenting question

I have a rigidbody platform in space that just kinda floats around.
It can be hit by something making it spin and drift as a rigidbody should in zero gravity.
I also have a rigidbody character that needs to walk on the platform. I have parented them together but it seems they still react individually.
How can i keep the character grounded to it while its spinning in all angles and moving?

Rigidbodies doesn’t respect the parenting hierarchy. Each RB moves by itself. The only way to fix them to each other is using the joints.

Just think like that, if a real character would jump on a real platform like you described, he would have to find a good place to hold onto the platform right? It’s the same in Unity’s physics engine. You should use joints on his hands or feet to be able to hang onto the platform. I know it’s gonna be real hard to do so.

Maybe you can share a screenshot about what it looks like and I can give better and easier idea.

Could treat it like jumping on a ladder, or wall/ceiling-moving. Regular movement is disabled. Instead, the keys move you up/down and sideways until you jump off.

For the platform, setting isKinematic true would lock the player onto it (magnetic space boots?) Then use the normal and cross-products to figure forward/sideways, and transform yourself that direction. It will look a bit stiff, but maybe it should.

I would look into SpringJoint. Could look like gravity in space.