yield, Coroutines, InvokeRepeating...

On my way learning game development with unity, I frequently had to pause a process for a short while, be it in the update, or in an event, or else where. But I still can’t get a good hold of the difference between them, when each should be used and where. Luckily I always managed to find a work around or else I used InvokeRepeating (which is the easiest to understand), but I really wish to have a good understanding of yield waitforseconds and coroutines.

Please point me to the right sources to understand these functions and maybe other functions that are similar and I didn’t mention.

YieldInstruction is where you want to look at for starters

it is the base class for everything Yield-related

About InvokeRepeating, there’s not much to understand other than what its name says: it repeatedly invokes a method… everything you need to know for this (and for many other things) is in the scripting reference