"Your app is not allowed to specify 'AD SERVICES CONFIG' property in the manifest","Your app is not allowed to specify 'AD SERVICES CONFIG' property in the manifest" On google play console

Hello everyone. I have a problem with unity 2022: when I try to publish my app on google play console for internal test It gives me the following error: “Your app is not allowed to specify ‘AD SERVICES CONFIG’ property in the manifest”. First , when I used unity 2021, this problem did not appear, but I couldn’t use admob due to a number of plugin issues (as I understand it-specifically, to be able to build around an error like “R8=false is deprecated” I had to do a strange maneuver by deleting the "library/bee/android " folder while building, and in doing so all google play services didn’t work in the build .aab, but this problem did not arise, so) now, after updating to 2022, I solved the problem to build, but… i cant load! So, like sayed here, Configure AdServices  |  Android Developers,
I added on the android manifest the following raws:

<activity android:name=********************

    <action android:name=********************
    <category android:name=**********************
  <meta-data android:name=************************

//I added this …

//…and these

but the problem persists. Can anyone help me??Please!!!

First, remove the following lines from your AndroidManifest.xml file:

Next, create a new XML file called “ad_services_config.xml” in the “Assets/Plugins/Android/res/xml/” folder in your Unity project. If the “res” or “xml” folders do not exist, create them. Add the following content to the “ad_services_config.xml” file:


Replace “YOUR_API_KEY” with your actual API key. Save the file and re-build your project. This should resolve the issue with the ‘AD SERVICES CONFIG’ property in the manifest file.

If you still encounter issues, make sure that all of your plugins are updated to their latest versions, and double-check the AndroidManifest.xml file for any inconsistencies.