Your Instant App APKs should contain at least one base APK.

whenever I upload my aab file to google play console. it asks debug symbol file. I try to upload my symbol file but I got this error “Your Instant App APKs should contain at least one base APK.”, I really don’t know what is this because this is my first unity game please I need help.

what will happen if I don’t upload debug symbol? because I don’t add the symbol in my initial release.

Hello @Kam_Games

Read this article.


Step 2: Upload a deobfuscation or symbolication file
To deobfuscate or symbolicate your app’s crashes and ANRs for a version of your app, you must upload the deobfuscation or symbolication files for each version of your app.

Important: This step is only required for developers using APKs. If you’re using an Android App Bundle and Android Gradle plugin version 4.1 or later, then there’s nothing you need to do. We’ll automatically grab the deobfuscation file from the bundle and you can skip to Step 3: View deobfuscated crash stack traces. You can learn more about app bundles on the Android Developers site.