z-fighting and clipping @ ~90deg viewing angle

I’m getting artifacts when viewing faces at close-to-90 degree angles. Because of my overhead view and grid-based world, the issue is quite jarring and is seen frequently, particularly at low quality settings.

It looks like a razor thin black line (it’s actually my view of the offending face) is cutting through anything and everything, forcing itself to be drawn on top of whatever is actually closer to the camera.

Adjusting the camera’s clip distances helped in high quality settings, but even then the issue is obvious and pervasive. Is this perhaps a fact of life? Worth noting that the issue is occurring with Unity’s cube primitive. My recourse here seems to be modeling my grid cell objects such that their face normals will rarely be perpendicular to my camera’s Z. (or tilting my camera for the same effect, of course. ^^)

One or more of the following changes have solved this issue:

Decreasing the overall range of the camera clipping planes,
Creating my own geometry versus using Unity’s cube primitive,
Ensuring there is a gap between all faces, so no two faces occupy the same location,
Setting my cube texture’s wrap mode to ‘clamp’ in texture import settings,