Z fighting issue (Unity 5.4 b22, 23)


I have an issue since b22 which is a z fighting problem depending on the location of the 3D object (please see the attached screenshots). It doesn't happen on b21.

I created a bug report but i need to fix this as soon as possible, does anyone know how to do this ?

2700551--191279--No Zfigth.jpg

This might be the same issue as:


It actually doesn't have anything to do with directional lights, despite the thread name. It seems the problem arises when the 2 requirements are met:

  1. Object is not at the origin (0,0,0) - which seems to be the case in your screenshot
  2. Object uses custom shaders.

Is this the case with you too?

I also submitted a bug report which was confirmed today and sent to the developers for a fix.

I hope the devs get this solved quickly too. The workaround suggested in the thread didn't work for me.


I sumbitted a bug and i was told by unity's QA Team that it's fixed but they don't know when it will be realesed to public.

I was not using custom shaders btw ;-)

Between that and another bug i had some difficulties to find a stable enought version to work with, i am now with b20 but i still have issues with sprites rendering (as in b23 btw).

Hi, which is the bug number?