Zbrush with Unity? Hair/Cloth and fibermesh?

Hello all. My biggest love is creating creatures, and especially their fur. However I’m new to Unity. I REALLY like the look of fibers created with fibermesh in Zbrush. I understand they can be exported as curves, but does anyone know the general (I can do my own research if someone points the way) process of getting fibermesh creations in zbrush into Unity to animate with turbulence? Hair, fur, grass, ect.

I’m not against going through Maya or other outside programs/plugins first to optimize this process. I’ve been trying to find the answer for a few days, I’ll be very grateful for any hints or tips. I want to take the furry creatures made in Zbrush, cloth made with Marvelous Designer (used in a recent Unity movie short), and use animations of the base creature made in Maya, with fur/hair/cloth separately relying on gravity and wind physics in Unity.

Any advice or explanations are appreciated, and I hope to contribute to answering other people’s questions as soon as I’m more advanced.

I asked this question over a year ago and since then I’ve gotten pretty good at rigging and creating creatures. I’ve used Nvidia hairworks in Unity, and a fur asset from the store for close up encounters. Although I decided fibermesh might be too high and unoptimized on the polycount if it was able to get it imported in Unity, THEORETICALLY the exported curves can be imported to maya, which means it should be able to be used with Hairworks or any Unity asset that can use maya’s curves to generate hair in Unity.

Not proven, but is possible. My suggestion if you’re new to Unity would be to use an asset store hair/fur shader and beg the developers to implement a working hair system in Unity already.

Oh, so sad you didn’t get an answer. I’m interested in use of curves as fibers in unity through shader. There is hair tool asset available in store, but don’t have free money yet.