ZBrush, wow (or: Yet Another Cool Tool Thread)

Ok. Listen. William, the guy whose one-man ad-hoc catering company, William's Tantric Catering Firm, makes us lunch sometimes.

He's had this weird hobby for years: he makes clay heads. He's terribly gifted at this hobby of his, but it's always seemed ... well... useless.

Now, after making us lunch today, Danni took him to the office of the serious game production and gave him a crash course in ZBrush. He got it right away, and got to hang around after the others left.

When I walked by him he had spent just 3 hours in front of ZBrush and he had done this incredibly cool looking guy, Doom3 style but with a zillion times more personality than the Doom3 figures.

I hope to convince him to donate it so we can do something with it... and in the end maybe he'll turn up a game artist (though I sure hope it won't mean he'll quit the catering gig :)

... just had to share.


Not sharing a screenie though?

Yah I would love a SS. Jeff

I'll try to get one tomorrow.

It's funny, he still has no concept about UV-maps, low-and-high poly models, computer graphics in general. But he can sculpt. And he's smart, so if he want to he'll learn. We'll see what comes of this.


Ok, Hope Willy doesn't get angry because I post his stuff:smile:

It was a joy to see him work with ZBrush, and considered the guy never really tried any "digital tools", it just looked so natural the way Willam sculpted.
Like he has been using the software a lot.
And exactly that is the wonder of ZBrush.
The coolest 3d program on Earth.. .I'm in love with that tool..:smile:

PS: AngryAnt, great to see you in theforums here ..:)


Wow. That's excellent! It gives me hope as a novice interested in ZBrush that it's alternative modeling techniques are fairly intuitive for those with the creativity to back them up. It's also encouraging for the team, if for no other reason than the joy of turning one man's hobby into an art.

Nice! how much time did he spend on that? Ok Im inspired (downloading zbrush..)

I think he used like 4 hours on this one...

William, started this torso yesterday, WIP, and not finished!!
Will post the final too one of these days.

This guy is rocking!!:smile:


this head was made just after the zbrush tutorial. It is very easy to learn this app.
model took approx. 3 hr


hey fiend... the demo of zb2 is out. go get it! projection master rocks!

[edit... oops! that might have sounded like i was cutting down your model. didn't mean it that way - just meant zb2 rocks! 2.5 coming soon...]

I didn't take it wrong. I am actually downloading the newer demo now, can't wait to see some of the new features added.

The cook has registered, and seeing this is quickly becoming a contest, here is my newest head. Work in progress, spent 8 hours until now. It's going to be a fierce brave.

Don't buy zbrush2, I don't want everyone to be able to make cool models without any computer experience.

Forgot to register, no ace at computers. here's the head.


Looks great :) Jeff

This looks promising Willy. Really like the Eye region..not easy actually to make convincing eyes..takes a little practice...

Great work!

I'm having serious problems with Zbrush. If I lose focus on the main window, like switching to a different app or opening the save dialogue, ZBrush stops dead. It's CPU usage drops to zero, none of the buttons work, and the only fix is to quit and restart ZBrush. Annoying, to say the least. Has anyone else encountered this?

Maybe I should try rebooting...