i've seen a demonstration of zBrush and played around with the demo just a bit. What i've seen so far is quite impressive but as said i only touched the surface so question is how happy are users who know/use it regular? I would be interested what kind of formats could be ex/imported. How well is this working when using max as the next part in the pipeline for instance? Can i also make animations with it?

Anyone around here? :O)



zbrush imports/ exports .obj

i think its great for adding detail to existing models.
you have to do uv layouts in maya/3dmax..
then import it in zbrush. subdivide to a hires polymodel, model details
and export a normal map. works very well with unity.

you could also model entirely in zbrush (zspheres are great for characters)- uv layout/bones in other 3d package - import back for details/textures.

details: 60000 polys
mesh: 936 polys


Nice! (puts his money in under the madrass and keeps dreaming)..

Hi phoen,

looks nice. Yep i have seen zspheres in action for the first time i've watched the video on their site - impressive! But if i've understood you right then i can't use it without another 3d package as for example for the animation?

One disadvantage is that they offer their program for mac and win but you'll have to pay twice. I generally tend to not buying such software as it's milking and in the end ties you to one platform...the software has to be extraordinary good to make an exception.



its a great app, I am slowly learning it but the more I learn the more I get addicted. Just the kind of detail you can get with displacement is mesmerising.
This is a quick test that took but a few minutes.

Hi Folks,
Just got zBrush myself - seems to be a bit of a learning curve :( however I need some statues and zBrush seemed like the quickest way (in the long run at least!). Anyone got a good workflow from ZBrush->Unity?


PS Cool bird boxy!

I havent sussed a way directly, but I have requested that Pixologic support the fbx format specifically for that purpose. At the moment the workflow is .obj between ZB and Cinema 4D and then export as an fbx through C4D.
If you also write to support at pixologic and request they support fbx ...

The comparison looks really nice! Oh time sweet timeI i wish i would have more time for it...wanna make a game together? ;O)
A request was sent to them...



:) well I definately wanna make a game and I can't code to save my life so - yes! hehe. If you don't have any other ideas floating around I'd love to turn towerguard into a fully playable demo map - I guess even just doing that would take a bunch of time though ...