Zenject add component dynamically

How can you add a component to a gameobject?
The normal path of

GameObject obj = _factory.Create(); // Creates from prefab

HasScore score = obj.AddComponent<HasScore>(); // attach the component

The problem is that HasScore component is not going through IoC hence the dependencies are not injected. My question is how do I add a component? Or how do I make it go through IoC ? I couldn’t find this in the docs, if anyone does it’ll be much appriciated

public void Initialize(SomeSignal.Trigger trigger)
    _trigger = trigger;
    Debug.Log("[+] Injecting in HasScore...");

I haven’t really used Zenject so i can’t tell you if this works. You most likely use a DIContainer somewhere in your code, right? You need access to it otherwise you can’t handle the DI stuff.

The DIContainer has a method called InstantiateComponent<T> where you pass a host gameobject and the method will add the specified component to the gameobject and does the injection afterwards,

As alternative you should also be able to run the injection manually by calling InjectExplicit on your manually added component. In any ways you have to have access to the DIContainer. Usually the point of a factory is to fully create an object. It seems you want to modify the object after the creation. Maybe specify the things you want to add as parameters to Create?

We don’t have enough information about your project to suggest anything.

u should see if hasscore have dependencies like another component or a collider marked as trigger to work… so… i think that`s the problem u should add first the component that is neccessary to it work than u add it the hasScore.

ps: i don`t understand corretly your problem… take a print of the erro… add here some preview of the hasscore… and what r the component of the obj?