(Zenject) Problem with injecting dependencies for a new prefab

Whenever I try to inject a new prefab, I’ve been failing.
I instantiate the prefab from scriptable object in this script below.
Please help me out, I would be grateful.

using UnityEngine;
using Zenject;

public sealed class PlaneSelectionManager : MonoBehaviour
    [Inject] private DiContainer container;

    [SerializeField] private SelectedPlaneData selectedPlane;
    [SerializeField] private ScriptableObject[] planeData;

    private const string SelectedPlane = nameof(SelectedPlane);
    private int index = 0;

    private void Start() => LoadSelectedPlane();

    public void SelectPlane(int index)
        PlaneData currentPlaneData = (PlaneData)planeData[index];

        selectedPlane.planeModel = currentPlaneData.planeModel;
        selectedPlane.speed = currentPlaneData.speed;
        selectedPlane.acceleration = currentPlaneData.acceleration;
        selectedPlane.yawAmount = currentPlaneData.yawAmount;
        selectedPlane.pitchAmount = currentPlaneData.pitchAmount;
        selectedPlane.pitchGroundAmount = currentPlaneData.groundPitchAmount;
        selectedPlane.rollAmount = currentPlaneData.rollAmount;

    public static void SaveSelectedPlane(int index) => PlayerPrefs.SetInt(SelectedPlane, index);

    private void LoadSelectedPlane()
        index = PlayerPrefs.GetInt(SelectedPlane, 0);


        GameObject prefabInstance = container.InstantiatePrefab(selectedPlane.planeModel);