Zero Out Bones

Was directed here from Twitter.

In typical 3D rigging, when completed with the rig, you can "zero out" the joints so that their start position is always vector3(0,0,0) on rotations. Is there a way to do this in the 2D Animation kit or is there a possibility to implement this in the future?


I came here to ask this exact same question and am sad there's not an answer yet :( Unity REALLY needs a "zero out" feature. It would save animators so much pain when doing our animations in unity

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There is a workaround for this. Someone might be able to automate this via script.

  • right click on your bone -> create empty, name it offset_bone_1 or similar (this is important! You need to create the empty as a child of your bone, so the empty should have 0/0/0 transforms 0/0/0 rotation and 1/1/1 scale)
  • move your offset empty out of the bone hierachy (it took over the bone transforms now)
  • grab your bone and move it under the offset empty (this substracts transforms from each other)
  • move the offset at the desired place in the rig hierachy (where your bone_1 was before)

Your Offset is now parent of the bone, while the offset has taken the old transforms of the bone, while the bone has now 0/0/0 transforms 0/0/0 rotation and 1/1/1 scale

ALSO came here for an answer. I feel like there should be a way to do this without doubling the amount of game objects involved...I keep trying to pose the character and if I'm not recording the animation, it messes up the rig and its hard to get it back to where it was.