Zip files won't extract - 3D Platform Game Tutorial

Hey, I'm still a bit new to Unity.

I use Blender to make my models and then import them into Unity. I just finished a huge Blender tutorial so I am now very familiar with Blender.

Now that I know how to make 3D Models, I need to learn how to script within Unity. There are lots of other features of Unity that I am unfamiliar with.

So I want to read the 3D Platform Game tutorial located at

I can download both files to my desktop successfully. However, the zip folder will not extract. Does anybody know what's wrong? I'll re-download the zip file. If you want, I'll tell you what the error message says.


If redownloading it doesn't help, try this instead:

It's the completed version of the tutorial, with all of the assets and scripts the start version has. You can start fresh from that with a new empty scene if you prefer then

You may extract them by using to winzip error fixer download