Zombie A.I

How do i make a zombie walk or run at my character and attack when its to close to my player to move

If you want a finished solution, hire a programmer.

You need a script that handles movement, animation and distance detection. Look through the Unity Scripting Reference and start writing a script. People will gladly help you, if/when you encounter any roadblocks, but they might not want to write complete scripts for you.

what I highly recomend is going and looking on youtube for code ideas, understand them and if u have anny problems ask spesific questions here but this might take a ton of code. Berg Zerg arcade has a good ennemy A.I tutorial on youtube, tough its not a zombie u maight be able to ad some details te make it look like it(annimations changing the speed idk u judge that)
ps i know i might have a ton of mis spelling errors.