Zombie Cafe style game.

Hello, I've been thinking on making a game that simulates a couple aspects in a game called Zombie Cafe.

First of all, let me explain more about that game: Basically, it is a 2d-game, isometric view, where you manage a Cafe and have a couple employees. You can design the look of your Cafe (change the walls, tables, etc). You can also visit your friends' Cafes. Here is a nice video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55d0wDkw_rU

Here are a couple things I'd like know before trying to make something like it in Unity:

  • You see the animation of the characters there? It is smooth. Very smooth. Can Cocos2d do that as well? How?
  • Is the social part possible? If I implemented Facebook Connect, do you think it is possible to visit others' "houses"?
  • Thanks.

    The answers are the same as the one given for your cocos2d question:


    Unity can do both fine, as will most engines