"Zombie Nation" approaching...

It is not out yet, as I have a lot more work with it, but what do you think about the pack this far? These zombies are relaitively low poly, so you can fill a screen with them. I have a wooden computer that has crude mammoth drawings on its side, and I still get 20 fps when the whole screen is filled with them, so probably newer computers will have better performance.


(demo: you can simply wait till zombies fill the screen, but you also can add additional zombies by left-clicking. Press space for a little fun :stuck_out_tongue: Nothing else can be done in this demo.)

I turned lightnings down so it is more creepy, ofc. the “real” product’s demo will have better lighting, so the customer can observe the models better.

Must...resist...urge..to throw grenade...

Looks awesome =D

looks awesome cant wait

mints zombie fun, and ETA on release or price ?

just full screened it, this would make a brilliant screen saver