Zombie will not kill me

What happens is with this script it is suppost to be an instant death when something touches me. Well I tried and it didn’t work the zombie just still walked to me even though he was toughing me I still didn’t die. So I put this script on a cube and put a rigid body and a zombie walked into it and the cube dissapeared, that same result that happen with the cube I want to happen to my player. So I put this script on my player and I walked into the cube and it dissipeared then I walked into a zombie and nothing even happen to the zombie.
Bottom line is I want the zombie to touch me and when he does he deletes me.

function OnTriggerEnter (col : Collider) {
var player : CharacterController = col.GetComponent(CharacterController);

if (player) {
} else if (col.rigidbody) {	
} else {


function Reset () {
if (collider == null)
collider.isTrigger = true;

If the zombi make the movement that create the intersection, let’s say it, if he penetrates you, it’s not going to raise a OnTriggerEnter event for him but for you. But you have a character controller, which isn’t a trigger. Try the function OnControllerColliderHit on your player.