Hi there,
here is a new model : Ugly evil Zombie with 7168 tris and 2048² Diffuse (hand painted), Normal and Specular .tga maps.
He is fully rigged, skinned and animated.
Available with and without Nudity.


Cheers !






That zombie... has a vagina.
My eyes are bleeding


thats awesome!

very good

i doubt it's a zombie. Rather an original abomination but not really a zombie. Very nice work !! Maybe a mutant crossed with a G virus zombie. Well to my mind zombie are really more human shaped. eager to see it in action on video

ho yeah you are right, i didnt really know how to call it, but abomination or mutant would be much better thanks !

Looks kinda like necromorph from dead space but with less blood.

You should put something on its ass. It would not sell in the US in any game.

[quote=“anon_65603996”, post:8, topic: 439994]
You should put something on its ass. It would not sell in the US in any game.
What worries me more is why would someone look at it’s ass?

Amazing Work! But...
that zombie...has a vagina

I agree with 2dfxman. Thats a little disturbing. mabey you should but some ripped cloth over that.

Don't put anything over it's ass. Americans (and I'm one so I can talk) are retarded when it comes to nudity. The fact that the creature just ripped someones eyes out and face f$*ked them with it's tentacles won't cause anyone to bat an eye, but OMG IT'S NAKED!!!!!

LOL @ the vagina.. I think it's awesome, and makes it more real.. Can't wait to see it properly animated!


As a dutchman I think nudity shoudn't be a problem.. The Hulk his extra flexible spendex pants doesn't make any sense.. Dr Manhattan however prances around the screen with his little dingdong flapping about; There are no pants that could withstand that kind of radiation.... Or is that only in the Extenden version of Watchmen? :p





Seriously dude, you rock! :)

[quote=“PizzaGuy213”, post:12, topic: 439994]
Or is that only in the Extenden version of Watchmen? :stuck_out_tongue:
I THINK he had no manhood in the normal version.

lol i really didnt think the vagina would make you react that much
well in my first concept i found the idea original and i don't remember seeing something like this already. I dunno why monsters couldn't be girls heh. It makes it a lot more strenge and disturbing in my opinion. I like the way it looks, i'm not gonna change anything even if nobody wants to buy it :) ! too bad for me then but it's fine
Here is my first original concept so feel happy i changed my mind and made something a bit less disgusting lol !

Anyways thank you everybody for all your great comments :)
@niosop : you made me laugh a lot dude lol

Great work!
Do you sell it? Or are you available for making characters? ;)


Rule 34 soon

@Ethan : hey yeah i’m selling it, soon on the asset store i hope, i will give the link as soon as it’s available :slight_smile: Or if you want the exclusivity we can talk about it, since i didnt sell it once for the moment.
Well i’m quite busy and not realy available for another job right now, but i will contact you if the situation changes :). Thanks !

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Rule 34 soon
lol ?

Here we go :)


Rule 34: Generally accepted internet rule that states that pornography or sexually related material exists for any conceivable subject.