Zoom and Move/Dolly for Mecanim Preview

This is just too empty.


I noticed that the only way to see more of my fbx is to scale up the animation preview panel.

Firstly, I can zoom in and fit the mesh in the preview panel better, try to use up all the empty space in the panel(My PC resolution is 1366 x 768, so all the tabs in Unity are a bit crowded). Secondly, there are some animations that I would want to zoom in close up to inspect them better.

Is there any shortcut/key to zoom in that I have missed? I have tried some Google but without any feasible search result.

By the way, moving the camera in the preview is also a nice addition if it is doable, for example, if I have a ship/mech, just zooming into the center of the ship/mech will not do much, being able to move around will allow me to inspect the ship/mech’s animation better.

Just found this:


----Extracted from the page----

Short list on planned feature:

  • Animation Events for Mecanim
  • Ability to zoom/dolly in Animator Preview window

We will have to wait for this to happen.