Zoom camera based on position between player an object

So I have an object, and I want the camera to zoom in on the player as he walks closer to the object. Also my camera has a variable for distance to player.

Here is my attempt (noob alert)

    var zoomToBed = true;
    var player : Transform;
    var mainCamera : Transform;
    var zoomDistance = 10.0 ;
    private var camDefZoom ;
    function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider){
            mainCamera.GetComponent(CameraScrolling).distance = camDefZoom - ((15 - 10)*(((this.transform.position.x / player.transform.position.x)*100)/100));

I was thinking something like this that you made. You get the distance between the player and the wall, and use it as a variable between 0 and 1 multiplied by your camera distance. I recommend you to “interpolate” the zoom value instead of just change using the Lerp function, to make it more “smoothly”. The code is something like ( i didn’t test this one ):

var MaxDistPlayerWall : float = 30.0; /* One value close from the maximum distance between the objects */
var distPlayerWall : float = /*calculate distance*/
var maximumZoom : float = 5.0; /*zzzooomm*/

mainCamera.GetComponent(CameraScrolling).distance = Mathf.Lerp( mainCamera.GetComponent(CameraScrolling).distance, mainCamera.GetComponent(CameraScrolling).distance + ( maximumZoom * (distPlayerWall/MaxDistPlayerWall) )


I did it ! You just need to put a object, in my case it was at a wall. Then you need to assign how far from the object the zoom will occur. You might add a if statement so that the zooming will stop when the player is at a specific position, if your object is in the middle of the scene. This is meant for a sidescroller, that’s why i use only the x value.

PS. I don’t know if the code can be more optimized, I would appreciate if someone can optimize it more for multiple uses in a level.

 var zoomBoundary = 15;
    var zoom = 13;
    var player : Transform;
    var mainCamera : Transform;
    var defZoom;
    function Start () {
    defZoom = mainCamera.GetComponent(CameraScrolling).distance;
    function Update () {
    	if (player.transform.position.x < zoomBoundary)
    		mainCamera.GetComponent(CameraScrolling).distance = zoom +((defZoom - zoom)*(player.transform.position.x -this.transform.position.x) /(zoomBoundary - this.transform.position.x));
    	   mainCamera.GetComponent(CameraScrolling).distance = defZoom;