Zoom Camera with mouse scroll

Hi All,

Can somebody tell me how to zoom in/out camera with mouse scroll in unity through javascript

Generally, you're more likely to get help with something here if you show you've already put effort into solving the problem yourself. In this case, if you posted a script that you found by searching (because I searched "Unity scroll camera zoom" and found several JS results right away) and were just having trouble integrating it into your project. Even then, providing specific problems, like "Here is the exact code I am using, and I'm getting this error I don't understand on this line" is much more likely to convince people to donate their time in providing you assistance.

If you don't have even have a clue where to start, most people will just direct you to the official tutorials at unity3d.com/learn, which is definitely where you should start.


might give a starter for 10 to tinker with, found on unity answers