a simple drag and drop puzzle game , object stops following my finger if i move it fast ,...

hi there , i am trying to create a simple puzzle game , and i have a problem , that is when in my game i drag the object , if i move my finger fast on the screen fast , the object stops following my finger , but if i move it slowly it is ok , …
here is my code :

   case TouchPhase.Began:
                if (object1.GetComponent<Collider2D>() == Physics2D.OverlapPoint(touchPos))
                    object1ismoveing = true;//
                    object2ismoveing = false;//
                    object3ismoveing = false;//
                    deltaX1 = touchPos.x - object1.transform.position.x;
                    deltaY1 = touchPos.y - object1.transform.position.y;

            case TouchPhase.Moved:
                if ((object1Collider == Physics2D.OverlapPoint(touchPos)) && object1ismoveing
                    && !object2ismoveing && !object3ismoveing)
                    object1.transform.position = new Vector2(touchPos.x - deltaX1, touchPos.y - deltaY1);

problem solved !!
i thought that it might be something with its collider , and
i have just increased the box Collider 2D size and there for it worked and follows my finger position on screen even if i move it so fast , :smiley: