Build Crashes Upon Start Up


My app builds just fine within Unity, but when I open the build, it crashes immediately, even the splash screen doesn’t appear.

I checked my console to grab the crash event, and I get this:

18/04/2013 20:37:28.892[248]:
Job appears to have crashed: Bus
error: 10

Any idea what’s causing this? I’ve rebooted my mac, as well as done a safe boot. If all else false, I’ll reboot my PRAM and see if that does anything.

In the meantime, any suggestions?

Besides oliver-jones’ response (which works if you are okay with renaming your executable), the real problem lies within the Saved Application State of Mac OS X. The solution is to delete this Application State from the Library.

If you go* to ~/Library/Saved Application State/, you will find a folder for each application you have run. The Unity applications are on the bottom, and are named accordingly: unity.your_company_name.your_product_name.savedState.

You can safely delete the savedState folder of your crashing app. This forces OS X to start your application from scratch, which then circumvents the Previously Crashed dialog.

*Use Finder > Go to Folder, or press CMD+SHIFT+G in Finder

Seemed to of fixed it.

I rebooted my PRAM, fixed my permissions. Neither solved the issue.

Every time I opened the app, I would get a dialog window that pops up saying “this program was forced quit, would you like to restore the windows?”, but literally a second later, that would crash, and I would then get a crash dialog.

After changing the project name within Unity and rebuilding it, my Mac now has no ‘forced quit’ history of the new named build, meaning that the initial ‘this program was forced quit’ warning doesn’t pop up. I believe that was what was causing the crash.

It all works fine now.

I couldn’t find the ‘Saved Application State’ folder on my computer which seems like the best solution. But I did have luck with just changing the Product Name in the Player Settings rather than saving a new Project.