button with content in multiple colors


i want to have a button (and labels) that have multiple colors. i suppose there's no way to format the string that i pass as a parameter to the button command

GUI.Button(GetBuysellButtonArea(), "Buy XXX gold for YYY money)"); where the string is in white and XXX is in RED and YYY is in BLUE ?

any suggestions? my idea is to create an empty button with several labels, each using a different style on top of the button. but i seems like a bad idea. esepcially since i'm considering i want the text to be centered in th button area, and i have no idea how to do that by combining labels, even if i ue GUILayout.


You cannot, as far as I know, color different words in a single label with different colors, and I honestly can't think of a way to do it, short of basically writing your own Label function (which would be a major pain). Have you considered using textures instead of labels? You can make a texture of the words you want to use (in one color, of the words that will always be the same), and then you can position the GUI.Labels in a different color with the number values that you want to fill in.

Any news about that ? I'm having the same problem, and I'd very like to find a solution ! There could be a hint here, but it's seems quite complicated, plus it doesn't compile on my unity :/

I think you can use FancyLabel - Multicolor and Multifont label. I didn’t try with labels, but it should work.