Can I legally add ads to my game?

I am using unity free and so far I am making freeware games only. If I created a game that is free but contains ads which I could get some money from, would I have to buy pro license? Even if money I would get would be so little it wouldn’t pay off? Is there any limit to what is considered “commercial usage”?

I know that some would point me to unity’s license, but I am no lawyer so I probably wouldn’t understand all these terms.

If i am not mistaken, once your game makes 100k or more in revenue, then you are supposed to buy a pro license. So yeah, you can legally add ads to your game for monetization.

Of course you are. And no you don’t have to have a pro license to put them, they are not excluding each other nor are they the same thing or about the same thing.

You can have ads in pro or free version. The only thing with the free version is that if you get enough money, you should get the pro version.