Cannot click UI button.

I am working on Unity 5.4. I have an Event System, my UI has a parent canvas, Canvas has the graphic raycaster. I am not able to understand why this is not working. I have attached an image of the button script, Canvas, event system and my script. Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you using curly brackets on line 16 and 19? Doesn’t look like it, and there’s an error there.

EDIT: Dunno if that’s just the quality of the picture or why they look so weird, but on a closer look your error is on line 18. You’re missing a quotation mark and the script isn’t compiling.

Some theories of why this doesn’t work:

  • Your code contains some compiler error
  • Your Button is Disabled
  • You uncheck (switching it off) the Interactable checkbox in the button
  • Nothing referenced in your button to any of your script
  • No image beside and inside (children of) that button, have a ‘Raycast Target’ turned on.
  • You have an image with ‘Raycast Target’ turned on, but it is disabled.
  • There existed ‘Event Trigger’ in any of the button’s children, and it’s enabled.
  • Something in front of and blocking your button (even it is fully transparent).

Just fell on something similar, and could reproduce the pattern.

  • Create a main canevas.

  • Inside this one, create a second canevas and put buttons inside.
    They are all active and work fine.

  • Add canevas scaler on the inner canevas.
    The buttons do not work anymore.

  • Remove the canevas scaler, it still does not work anymore. ,

Using 5.4.1f1

Put a “//” at the beginning of line 17.

Maybe unity cannot send a message to the console after shutting (Application.Quit) the Application down.