Cloud Code UGS CLI Support

We are excited to introduce Config as Code workflow for Cloud Code.

UGS CLI was just released for Unity Gaming Services. It offers a variety of tools for easily managing, testing, and deploying Unity Gaming Services configuration

You can now use the CLI to deploy file configurations using the deploy command, enabling easy integration into automated build pipelines (CI/CD).

This feature was already introduced by the Cloud Code package for Unity Editor, the CLI is now bringing these capabilities to engine agnostic Developers and automated build workflows.

Using the CLI for Cloud Code will greatly improve developer productivity and enable the following use cases:

  • Work with local Cloud Code configuration
  • Add service configuration next to the game client code
  • Apply git-like workflow to service configuration (branch, merge, diff, tag, etc…)
  • Map Unity Environment to a repository branch, for working in isolation
  • Manually deploy file configuration via the CLI or Deployment Window
  • Add a deploy step to the CI/CD, for automated deployment

On top of using deploy to publish Cloud Code script, you can use the UGS CLI Cloud Code commands to easily interact with Admin APIs:

  • List Cloud Code scripts
  • Create / Update Cloud Code scripts
  • Get Cloud Code scripts
  • Delete Cloud Code scripts
  • Publish Cloud Code scripts

Complete documentation can be found on the GitHub repository.

To learn more about UGS CLI or give us your feedback, please consult and comment on the release announcement .

If you need to report an issue, please use this link.

Once you have submitted a bug report through the bug reporter, please feel free to start a discussion about it in this thread or in the release announcement thread .