Destroying a Transform Component

I am new to Unity and am using a code developed by someone else initially made over two years ago. He had the code destroying a transform component, which previously worked, but now the version 3.4.2 I am using does not allow this transform to be destroyed. Has this changed in a later version?

Further to this I have one gameobject (a fire event) which has many transforms created from it. As I change the position of a wall it collides with I want to destroy the old transform (or clone) and recreate a new one with the correct conditions. Can I destroy this clone / transform in the script as can be done in the inspector by a right click and delete? Or can I hide it in the background or even adapt the transform to the new conditions?

A GameObject has many Components, one of them is Transformation. So, if you want to destroy something, aways destroy its GameObject.

// my transform reference
var trans : Transform = ...

// I must pass it's gameObject to destroy my "transformation"

About your another question. Yes, you could destroy theses “clones”, but first you must know how to access. Take a look on these links:

GameObject has static methods that you can search for Objects:

Transform has methods to navigate between parents and children:

More reference: