Game is acting if timescale was set to 0 but it isn't.

Yesterday i was fiddling around with my game pausing(setting timescale to 0) when the levels winscreen comes up. the code that does this was an “if” statement when you enter the goal. I closed the program for the day. Today i came back to it and wanted to test it. For some reason the game was acting like it’s timescale was set to 0 (nothing was moving) even though like i said earlier the timscale 0 code should only activate when you enter the goal. I tested if it was still at 0 if i comment out the timescale code. nothing changed. then i just opened a level where there was no sign of the code that contained the timscale code. still nothing.
If anyone has any advice please help me out on this. I haven’t found any other people online that have the same problem with a solution.

UPDATE: I added a line in the update function that sets timescale to 1 and now it seems to work, but why did it automatically set it to 0?