Getting variable name from a string


I need to be able to use a xVar by declaring it from a String.


This is pseudo-code

var xVar = 100;
var zVar = "xVar"

function X (){

 callTheNameOfVarFromZvar.String = 200


in the example, xVar would go from 100 to 200, using as name the String in zVar.

I'm not sure if I make much sense, but I'll edit if I find a better way to explain...

Thank you.

You can do this with reflection (See System.Runtime.Reflection in the MSDN docs), but honestly I would skip it for now and use a Dictionary or a HashTable

In both cases, you'd use the string "zVar" to set and get the variable, e.g:

var dictionary = new Dictionary.<String, int>();
dictionary["zVar"] = 200;
Debug.Log(dictionary["zVar"]); //prints out 200

You'll need import System.Collections.Generic; at the top of your file for it to work