Good way to stop player from going through walls without rigidbody?

Hi! I’m making a game right now and I’m currently facing a little bit a problem.

In this game, you play as a mammoth, and you are able to control the trunk with the mouse. You can suck and shoot and do other trunky things. The trunk is made up of a series of joints that are all physics objects and it works fine. I’ve been moving the mammoth with transform.translate since applying force to the body of the mammoth really inhibits your ability to control the trunk. But since I’m translating the position the player can walk right through the walls that are meant to serve as a boundary.

Is there a good way around this?

Thanks in advance!

the solution is avoid using transform.translate. the physics arent calculated all the time, they get calculated every x amount of miliseconds(incrementing the amount of calls per second would affect the performance too), transform.translate teleports the object from one position to another, so if it gets teleported into an object it will get pushed out “or passed”. why do you say that using physics would inhibits you ability to control the trunk?