GUITexture rendering/importing image wrong

I made a gray cloud in Adobe Illustrator. I have exported it using many different settings and with many different file types. When I view the image in an image viewer, it looks as it should. However, whenever I put this image on a GUITexture, the image looks to have a white stroke (it should not) and two faint lines at the top and bottom of the Texture. Picture:

alt text

Also, if I set either the wooden backdrop to a black color, or the cloud itself to a black color in the Inspector panel, there is no white stroke or lines.

Change the image’s wrap mode to clamp instead of repeat.

Another solution is to give more space between the image (cloud) and the edges of the image. When textures are compressed they are pulled across the texture border and can lead to problems like this (where the top of the cloud is being wrapped around to the bottom edge of the cloud, the right side of the cloud to the left, ect.), but usually when you are going GUI textures they should be uncompressed anyway.

Easiest way to solve this besides turning off wrap is to give the cloud more space around the edges by scaling it down a few pixels.

You can uncompress by selecting the texture in the project view and choosing “Truecolor” and Apply.