Help in Multiplayer

Hello everyone,
So today I tried multiplayer for the first time (I’m a noob in that by the way), so I used unity’s basic multiplayer assets and followed this guys tutorial:

Everything works fine except my friend and I share the same controller. How can I make it so everytime someone connects, it spawns a different controller. Thanks.

UPDATE: Here is my error screen :

Sounds like the sort of thing you would do in OnPlayerConnected

Alright, try this:

void OnConnectedToServer() 
    GameObject clone = Network.Instantiate (cubePrefab, position, rotation, 0);

    clone.AddComponent("PlayerControlScript");   //this script controls movement
    //Make your camera follow clone here

Make sure the “cubePrefab” only has the physical part of the character (mesh, colliders, etc) and a networkview observing the Transform component. Make sure there are NO cameras in the prefab.

This will give you a non-authorative server game where two players can see eachother.