How do I call a function containing a while loop, inside the update function?

Ok, so I’m trying to rotate my object, while a certain variable is not equal to another variable, this is the script I got.

private var go : boolean = true;
private var angle : float;
private var currAngleY : float;

function Update () {

if(Input.GetKeyDown("a")) {

function rotate(direction : String) {
	if(direction == "left") {
		if(go) {
			currAngleY = transform.eulerAngles.y - 90;
			go = false;
		while(currAngleY <= transform.eulerAngles.y) {
			angle = Mathf.MoveTowardsAngle(transform.eulerAngles.y, currAngleY, 20 * Time.deltaTime);
			transform.eulerAngles = Vector3(0, angle, 0);


As soon as I try to run this, Unity just freezes and I have to hardreset it. Is there a way to make my object turn smoothly for only 90 degrees each time and then make it stop until the next input is given.

Update runs once every frame, so it’s clearly not suitable for that sort of thing. See here.

Perhaps you can use If condition along with various flags to achieve what you want. Since update already does what you want your While loop to do.

For example,

//Your Rotate function
conditionFlag = false;

conditionFlag = true;