How do I properly use Unity's WebCamTexture? IOS

I was recently using the WebCamTexture API in Unity, [Heres] (Unity - Scripting API: WebCamTexture) some documentation on it, and I ran across a couple issues.

My biggest issue is orientation. When I ran the app on my phone, it wouldnt work properly in portrait modem the image was orientated so it was landscape while the phone was portrait (Rotating the phone didnt help)

so then I changed the default orientation of the app to Landscape and it worked, but the image was reflected. (Letters and such would be backwards in the image, rotating the image 180 on the y axis didnt help since it was a 1 sided image)

Heres the code for the camera alone:

cam = new WebCamTexture();
camImage.texture = cam;
camImage.material.mainTexture = cam;
cam.Play ();
camImage.transform.localScale = new Vector3(-1,-1,1);

camImage is a RawImage by the way.

so how would I rotate the image to work correctly in portrait as well as reflecting the image correctly? Am I using the API incorrectly?

@freezone2000 unfortunately the WebCamTexture API is limited like this. Your usage is correct. If you want a more robust solution, use NatCam.

Try altering the XYZ Rotation value of the RawImage in the Inspector window. If the image is flipped horizontally, try changing the Y value to 180 or something. From there you could alter the view on however suits your fancy.