How do i set health to regenerate over a specified range of time?

I'm trying to make a health regeneration over time script. What I'd like to happen is for 'x' amount of health to regenerate every 'y' seconds. The script below is designed so that DMGTaken is the variable that dictates how much damage has been reduced from the players HP pool, and the variable which dictates how to give it back. (By reducing the DMGTaken, the HP pool grows)

At the moment, the script works, but it's returning HP every frame, rather than every 'y' seconds. I know there's an important bit of code I'm missing here, I just can't figure it out. I hope someone can help.

static var Strength = 5;

static var Stamina = 5;

static var Intelligence = 5;

static var Agility = 5;

static var Willpower = 5;

static var LvL = 1;

static var CurHP = 1;

var CurHPShow = 1;

static var MaxHP = 1;

static var DMGTaken = 0;

var DMGTakenShow = 0;

var Regen = 1;

function Update () {

CurHPShow = CurHP;

DMGTakenShow = DMGTaken;

CurHP=(MaxHP - DMGTaken);


Regen = (MaxHP*0.01);

if (DMGTaken > 1){

    DMGTaken = (DMGTaken - (Regen*Time.deltaTime));


if (DMGTaken <1){

DMGTaken = 0;


if (CurHP > MaxHP){

CurHP = MaxHP;



Thanks ahead of time!

If you want 10 points every second, you would do:

var healthRegen: float = 10.0;

function Update(){
    curHP += healthRegen * Time.deltaTime;
    // whatever else...

BTW, it is standard convention to start variables with lowercase letters and functions with uppercase. That way when you are reading code (and if your game is large enough, you'll be surprised how quickly you forget exactly how you programmed a certain section to work) you can immediately tell the difference ("Hmm, am I calling IsFalling() or am I checking isFalling here...?").