How to compare names of two GameObjects to check whether their names are equal or not?

I am making a puzzle game. i have a sprite named A1 with a box collider2D,rigidbody2d component and an empty gameobject with just a box collider2d and its also named as A1. what i want is when i drag my sprite over the empty gameobject, its position becomes equal to that of the empty object.but if the names of the two gameobjects are same i want it to get locked in that position.
to do so , in OnTriggerStay2D() method i am writing a code i attached:
but the method is returning a value -1.but the names are same it should return 0.
i dont know where i am wrong. please help.124146-forum.png

It should actually work. Have you tried printing the names (Debug.Log) and see if they really are the same?
Or you could use tags instead of comparing the names

Yes I tried printing their name… As u can see in the code “debug. Log(…”
Names are same
I think string. Compare(string, string ) doesn’t work for numeric values in name. Because I changed the name of object from A1 to A and the code worked. But I want to know what is the exact concept behind it.
If anyone knows please help