How to fix a camera rotating non-stop for my 3rd person view.,How to stop my camera from slowly rotating after input.

I use clamp angles to limit my rotation on my y and stop them on both y and z but it wont stop spinning unless I slowly tap in the opposite direction and luckily apply the same counterforce otherwise it just keeps spinning without end.

This is the tutorial that I followed which happens to give the best setup. All other tutorials utilise clamp and give the same problems so I can’t get a fix. I’m completely hopeless when it comes to coding so if u code tell me where the prob is and how to fix in non-technical terms that would be greatly appreciated.

I’m guessing the camera is rotating by a value that’s controlled by pressing left and right and this value needs to be returned to zero. You could have an else after the if input statements to set the value to zero.
Alternatively rotate the camera directly when inputs are pressed using GetKey.

I merely changed input.getaxis(“mouse x/y”) input to input.getaxis(“CamHor/Vert”) that I made in input settings. I would love to use getkey but I’m not sure how to do it with quaternions and I couldn’t find a tutorial or unity lesson on that. @Magso