how to get the videoplayer to start playing the video when the vuforia target is detected?

When i run the project the videoplayer starts playing straight away (i can hear the audio), and continues even when the target has left the cameras pov.
I want the video to start playing once the target has been seen by the ARcamera . . . and then stop when the camera can no longer see it.
Is there an easy way to do this? like in the inspector?
I suspect some c# is gunna be necessary. I have been trawling th internets and haven’t been able to get it going yet:( I am still new to c# (&unity), so please be gentle with me!
Any help very gratefully received:)

Have you found an answer? I am having the same issue. Thanks.

In the Inspector, there is a check box labelled ‘Play On Awake.’ Unchecking this should stop the video from playing straight away. To make the video play/stop upon seeing the target, you will have to use code. Put VideoPlayer.Play() in whatever function runs when you see the target. Likewise, VideoPlayer.Stop() will stop the video.