Implement non-mono visual studio c# project

Hi there;
I have a pretty well c# windows forms project that I developed in visual studio a couple of years ago and frankly am sooo lazy to write all of the project for unity3d from the beginning :slight_smile: am wondering that I can implement my old project in unity and how?
If there’s a easier way to opening my win form project inside of unity than writing all will save my life :slight_smile:
It could be MDI like or I can create totally new GUI controls that use the functions of the old one…

Thank you in advance

That really depends on how you structured your original code. If you abstracted all your game logic into separate classes and used standard C# types, you can import these DLLs directly into Unity and re-use them as is, only needing to replace the front-end UI. If your code is all tied uo with WinForms-specific callbacks, however, you’ll need to rewrite it.