Instantiate Error (BCE0023)

Hey People,

I’ve been searching for about 2 hours for a solution, have checked and re-checked the example on the Unity Manual and look at a couple of example tutorials but to not avail.

I trying to create an object to appear multiple times and attach it to the scene manager. The code I’ve written so far looks like this

//Enemy Counter
var EnemyCounter : int = 0;
//Variable for Random Y Co-Ordinate
var EnemyY 		 : int = 0;

//Variable created for Enemy
var EnemyBody 	 : Transform;

function Start () {

function Update () {

EnemyY = Random.Range(-17,17);

if(EnemyCounter == 0){
	Instantiate(EnemyBody, Vector3(20,EnemyY,0),0);
	EnemyCounter = 40;

Yet I’m getting this error

BCE0023: No appropriate version of ‘UnityEngine.Object.Instantiate’ for the argument list ‘(UnityEngine.Transform, UnityEngine.Vector3, int)’ was found.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Just like the error says: the arguments you hand over to Instantiate are wrong. The last one has to be a Quaternion, not an int.


Instantiate(EnemyBody, Vector3(20, EnemyY, 0), Quaternion.identity);