Issue with WWW-Class' slow response time

I’ve some troubles finding the reason why my WWW-Request take so long

WWW www = new WWW(Url);

private IEnumerator WaitForRequest(WWW www)
    yield return www;
	Debug.Log("...5 seconds later");
    if (www.error == null)       
        Debug.Log("WWW Error:

" + www.error);

I just made a simple Call to my php-server (which response within milliseconds to requests made via browser) and it took about 5 seconds everytime until i get the data.

Is this the normal behavior of the WWW-class or is it possible to accelerate the response time?

The problem is caused by multiple network adapter.

unity seems to go through each one (every single request) until it got a response.

Use the .Net method instead, it should cut down the response time in half.