iTween "No appropriate version" solvable?

hello, today i start using iTween because it works so great and i believe it will saves a lot of my time…

But the problem is i keep getting this error, no matter how many Youtube video i watch, no matter how many way i try, but it keeps getting this error

No appropriate version of 'iTween.MoveTo' for the argument list '(UnityEngine.GameObject, UnityEngine.Vector3)' was found.

i look up at Answers and i think there is no good answer for this question, could this problem solvable?

i know i shouldn’t ask this anymore but is there any other ppl could use this? it works so great at this video by Bob Berkebile me too, using .js file to write this iTween.MoveTo(); so if there’s any way out please help…
like maybe we need to add iTween library? (lol) or maybe we should link the script first?

NB : i have download latest version of unity, latest version of iTween, and put the script on Plugins folder on my Unity Assets folder…

The error is telling you your parameters are wrong in your iTween call. You are only passing two parameters to iTween. You need to pass three. The third is how long to take to make the move. The signature of MoveTo() that you are trying to use is:

MoveTo(GameObject, Vector3, float);