light optimization

hello, i’m working on the project(PC) and the only thing we can’t get through is optimization, after all mesh combination stuff looks like the problem was in the light, i already read about lighmapping, but the real question is about vertex light, basicly all our light is per-pixel and to optimize the scene i convert some of them in to vertex light, but here is a problem, i modeled floors and walls(and etc) in like few polygons, so vertex light doesn’t work such way, so i would like to know is vertex light uses alot in games nowdays, and is it worth it to set a good polycount on stuff like floors and walls to use vertex light or it’s better just lightmap pixel light. thanks

A vertex light against multiple polygons is cheaper than pixel lights - that said, light mapping can often give you amazing quality results for very little cost.

On a PC you should be able to get away with pixel lighting (depending on the graphics hardware) - I played with vertex lit pipelines, but now I just have a number of my shaders use Vertex lighting for performance improvement where necessary and where the effect looks good enough.