Make animation just with rotaion.x

Hi guys I need to make animation with just rotation.x. Unity simpli dont let me to delete keys even that they are null.

If it cant be like this, so how to do it via script, I need rotation.x from 53 to 96 during one sec?

I tryied Invoke repeating but its SOO lagy.

Thanks btw love Unity Community :smiley:

How I tried :
InvokeRepeating("spearRotation", 0, 0.01);

function spearRotation()
    	transform.rotation.x = transform.rotation.x +0.43;

How about:

function RotateSpear() {
var elapsedTime : float = 0;
var time : float = 1;
var startingValue = 53;
var endingValue = 96;
while (elapsedTime < time) {
      transform.rotation.x = Mathf.Lerp(startingValue,endingValue,elapsedTime/time);
      elapsedTime += Time.deltaTime;

All you need to do is call it once, and the spear will rotate from startingValue to endingValue in one second. If it rotates oddly, replace transform.rotation.x with transform.localRotation.x or transform.localEulerAngles.x

source: Coroutines and Lerp