Make button inside ScrollView move when ScrollView scrolls

I want to place a button within a ScrollView and have it move as the ScrollView changes. Currently I have the buttons placed, but they do not move when the scrollview changes, though the rest of the contents do.

	private Vector2 scrollPositionSchematics = new Vector2(0,0);
	private GUIStyle style = new GUIStyle ();
	private Objtect[] schematicsArray = Resources.LoadAll ("Prefabs/Rooms");

	//Handles the HUD-GUI
	void OnGUI(){

		 * Create the frame and contents for the HUD(Schematic) area
		HUDWindow ("Schematic",	//text to display in the header
		           19,			//size of the font
		           (int) Mathf.Floor(Screen.width/3*2),			//positionX
		           (int) Mathf.Floor(Screen.height/5*4),			//positionY
		           (int) Mathf.Floor(Screen.width/3),	//xSize
		           (int) Mathf.Floor(Screen.height/5)	//ySize

		//Display text for HUDWindow(Function)
		GUILayout.BeginArea (new Rect ((int) Mathf.Floor(Screen.width/3*2)+7,(int) Mathf.Floor(Screen.height/5*4)+50,(int) Mathf.Floor(Screen.width/3),(int) Mathf.Floor(Screen.height/5*4)));
		scrollPositionSchematics = GUILayout.BeginScrollView (scrollPositionSchematics,
		style.fontSize = 14;
		style.normal.textColor =;
		style.wordWrap = true;
		GUILayout.Label ("This is the Schematic tab.", style);
		CreateSchematicButtons ();
		GUILayout.EndScrollView ();
		GUILayout.EndArea ();


	void CreateSchematicButtons(){

		//button size
		int buttonWidth = 50;
		int buttonHeight = 50;
		//for every item contained in the schematicsArray, place a button
		for (int i = 0; i<schematicsArray.Length; i++){
			if(GUI.Button(new Rect(0, scrollPositionSchematics.y+buttonHeight*i, buttonWidth, buttonHeight), "Button "+i)){
				Debug.Log("Pressed button #"+i);

The problem is that as of Unity 4.3.4f1 the Vector2 coordinates for ScrollView are reversed. ScrollView.x is the change up-and-down, while ScrollView.y is the change left-and-right.

So, if scrolling up-and-down a button needs the following (in C#):

GUI.Button(new Rect(positionX, positionY+ScrollView.x, width, height), "Button content");

And if scrolling left-and-right (in C#):

GUI.Button(new Rect(positionX+ScrollView.y, positionY, width, height), "Button content");