Model not displaying animation

I have put models into Unity, but none play any animations, ever. A friend even supplied me with a model to make sure it works, but it doesn't. I added a screenshot. Can anyone please help me?


I have a little news update. I tried to create a brand new project and just put the model in there as first, but there are still the same issues....


Your model has no Animator Controller. Just rightclick/create in your project, and create an Animator Controller. Then, select your object, and drag that Animator Controller into the right slot. Then, select the Animator Controller and drag in an animation from the object.

At the very end of this video, I show this process. Advance the video to about 26:37

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Thank you, although honestly upon closer introspective, I also kept forgetting to click "Apply" when doing changes to the model in the project window.

Doh! I hate that button! It always gets me too!