No Gimbal Lock Fix or easy rotations for U3d?

Gimbal lock in unity…

There is no fix, no wrapper, no useable spaceship code example file available for unity.

there should be a wrapper for XYZ rotation values, so users can just rotate the objects and some complex matrices adjust the axes so that there is no gimbal lock.

Why isnt a similar code/ example file available for the community so that we can make euler angles without the risk of gimbal locks?

Like other saids, you have to look at Quaternion. By default, Unity exposes an object rotation in eulerAngles (transform.rotation.eulerAngles) but you can also deal with rotation with quaternions.

Check the documentation on Transform for all pertinent information about object tranformation:

I agree with the writer, yes we need to deal with Quaternions to avoid gimbal lock(no one says anything about gimbal reset, another unbearable issue that needs resolution), but they do not offer quantitative documentation regarding how to use it with efficacy.